Spiritual Meanings of Seeing Angel Number 1010

Enlightenment. Consciousness expanding. New beginnings. These aspects are brought to light through angel number 1010. The numbers 1 and 0 both have powerful meanings of their own, 1 being symbolic of new beginnings, creation, and progress; where 0 represents oneness and wholeness, cycle, and flow.

God entrusts His angels to guide and guard us in all ways (Psalm 91:11). Doing that requires them to speak to us as God’s own messengers (Luke 1:19). One unique method that guardian angels use to speak to us is through angel numbers or numbers that are repeated in a sequence.

Genesis 1:3 says: And God said “Let there be light.” and there was light. This action and verse may very well be where the root idea of the word enlightenment comes from; the creation, realization, and expansion of the universe. Another example of enlightenment can be found in Exodus, throughout chapters 31 and 32, where Moses is brought up to Mount Sinai and is given 2 tablets with ten commandments on them, written down by God; two tablets, ten commandments; 1010. Now it’s really starting to look like a pattern is forming.

Patterns are no coincidence, and when it comes to numbers, they often hold a divine meaning within them. In fact, there is even a book in the bible aptly named Numbers. So be happy and confident that you are being guided on a path towards enlightenment and new beginnings if you are seeing this number, and this can only lead to good things.

Keep an open and curious mind when it comes to new things and experiences that God is bringing your way, and accept the idea that God may be inserting and simultaneously removing many things from your life. Take a moment and meditate on these occurrences. New beginnings offer us the chance not only to improve ourselves but to help us move forward and expand our consciousness as we are presented with new experiences and new people. Numbers 10:10 invites us to rejoice and give offerings at the beginning of every month, so I encourage you to count every new beginning as a blessing.

Angel Number 1010: New Beginnings

New beginnings are often synonymous with enlightenment, and consciousness-expanding, so if you are seeing 1010, it could be happening in line with your own enlightenment.

To help encourage your state of enlightenment, engage in creative activities, take time to meditate and focus inward, and trust your own intuition. The number 1010 may be your guardian angel trying to communicate with you throughout this time in your life; all you have to do is listen. As you become more enlightened, your purpose may change with your motive, or it may simply become strengthened. As always, meditate on your central motive, we must not only ask the question “What is God trying to tell me?” but also “Why is he telling me to do this?”


Enlightenment is attained through understanding, and when we fully understand our motives and how they line up with those of God, that is when we can truly put our trust in him. New beginnings often require us to step out of our comfort zone. It can be a daunting task, but in our steps towards enlightenment, it is a necessary one. Trust that God is sending you the right signs, and believe that new beginnings happen for a reason.

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